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Social Security Timing

A very important and often overlooked part of retirement planning is making an informed choice about social security. Software from Social Security Solutions will help you evaluate the choices about how and when to claim to maximize your benefits. There is also a function that illustrates your excess or shortfall versus your desired income in retirement. Again this is a rather short process that you can begin with just obtaining your latest social security statement and our assistance is FREE to clients and prospective clients.

Visit This is the program we offer. You can get a quick idea of how much money might be at stake and how important it is to make an informed decision about your benefits. As subscribers, we will give you a full analysis.

Retirement In A Nutshell

We offer a free retirement planning analysis for current clients and prospective clients that can get you valuable information about your current or future retirement income status. A very short data collection is necessary to create a retirement income scenario so you can see where you are or what amount of assets will be necessary to enjoy the level of income your would like to have during retirement. It provides a valuable insight for retirement planning without the hassle of a full blown financial plan and without the expense.

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